Brand owners and influencer partnership managers a-like beware: Behind the facade and sexually entrancing representation of what seems to be a perfect life is actually just…. a regular person. And if you’re sending products and pouring money into this silver-lined, uncontrollable ecosystem that is influencer marketing and collaborations, let me be the first to tell you… snap out of the tits’ n glamour.

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In the beginning, it’s easy to correlate follower counts to sales growth and brand awareness. Social media apps have taken over our lives in a manner we can’t scale down into one article. …

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Finding the tipping point between doing something new and innovative is getting harder and harder in the workplace. The worst part… we’ve grown subconsciously okay with it.

As if the pandemic didn’t already add an extra layer of comfort in our everyday lives, but our training in the workplace forces all of us to follow a systematic process with little room left for creativity.

Driven by results — which are never guaranteed — we are asked to stay within our box of creativity.

The same school of thought over and over again. Little iterations to be made.

In marketing, it…

Andrew Soria

On March 4th, Slack released an article detailing how teams can practically shift their communication strategies from the office, to completely online.

The article was a byproduct of the whole country shutting down most offices due to COVID-19 — forcing CEO’s and management to adjust company workflows and Q1 objectives.

Thanks to Slack, team’s can still communicate effectively and seamlessly across channels.

Still, something’s missing. Is it the 9am coffee you’re so used to brewing?Those hour-long keynote presentations you thought you hated, but you’ve grown to appreciate since it’s no longer there?

Well, it could be.

I believe it’s the…

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A good piece of art is easy to appreciate and has the uncanny ability to pause time. Marketing or sales, on the other hand, most artists portray as the disruptor of art; It is the middle man most creative people happily shy away from.

The truth is, without the synergy of the two, you get something that falls flat or it never really touches people outside the room. Art stays in one place. Without museums showcasing it and the press to talk about, there is no friction with the outside world.

This thought occurred to me when I attended my…


Yesterday, in the fourth quarter of a tight-knit football game, my friend asked me, “how do you prepare for a job interview?”

With five minutes left of the game, my eyes were too attached to the TV and my mind was too busy thinking of endless possibilities of the final score. His question slipped through my ear, drifted into my consciousness for a few seconds, and slipped out the other. My response,

“I don’t know, I feel like we’ve done so many interviews there’s really no way to prepare for it. If there’s one thing I make sure to do…

Josh Hild

On the last week of 2019, the whole world will be writing down their new year’s resolutions. From strict no-carbs till 2pm diets, to countless free subscriptions at your local gym, 2020 is our year.

With the new year quickly approaching let’s make sure we get one thing straight- let’s not stay in 2019. As professionals, we must adapt to the constantly changing market. On the other hand, humans also wish they had a time machine. I missed my chance on the Instagram and Youtube phenomenon. …

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After 6 months of interning at a digital marketing agency in NYC, I thought…If this is what the real world looks like, then it’s not so bad after all.

To start, I grew up in New Jersey and was never really exposed to the hustle and fast-paced movement often seen in a city like New York. After a week into the internship, I knew the people around me were different. There were more entrepreneurs in the office than I could count, and the open floor plan emphasized the future of what office workspace will look like.

The internship gave me…

I was so connected with the outside world, I started to lose pieces of myself.

source: instaphazed

I fit into the category of Generation Z.

To summarize my generation: our online presence is practically an extension of us, we discover new products through social media, and our friends play an extreme role in our lives- not just externally, but also internally. On top of that, we need our voices to be heard(more than any other generation) and we undeniably fueled the age of Instagram(pop-up stores and selfies with AR filters).

To make my digital habits even worse, I work in social media…

oman waiting for a train. Pink clouds and a crescent moon.
oman waiting for a train. Pink clouds and a crescent moon.

Society mocks them for being different. Those closer to them define such behavior as radicals. They are not hidden, in fact, they stand out more than others.

It has been a year since I took my leap of faith. During my journey, I learned I wasn’t the only one. The people around me may have seen me as crazy, but along the way, I met others that were just like me; normal people that took an unconventional path. At that moment, I knew I wanted to learn more about “us”. To dig deeper, know what was going through their minds…

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If you were to pick up my 2019 journal and scroll back to January 3, 2019, the words on the paper would read: Work for a startup brand and establish meaningful relationships along the way.

With my goals in place, the next step was to establish and focus my passion on this thing called… social media.

Exiting your comfort zone is one of many cliche’s we hear on the road to something bigger. During this life-long process, we tend not to look back too much; we avoid taking a step back to let ourselves rest.

I fell into this trap…

Andrew Soria

Unattached | Let’s dive deeper @ andrew.print

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