Be Careful Of Corporate Creativity

Photo by Robert V. Ruggiero on Unsplash

Finding the tipping point between doing something new and innovative is getting harder and harder in the workplace. The worst part… we’ve grown subconsciously okay with it.

As if the pandemic didn’t already add an extra layer of comfort in our everyday lives, but our training in the workplace forces all of us to follow a systematic process with little room left for creativity.

Driven by results — which are never guaranteed — we are asked to stay within our box of creativity.

The same school of thought over and over again. Little iterations to be made.

In marketing, it may involve a specific formula to get users to listen, click, and buy.

In design, it may be relying on a specific process to get to an end-goal.

We’re so addicted to expert templates promising quicker ways to get to a goal that we become so robotic and systematic — ultimately leading to average results.

Be careful of systems that say these things work. Why? Your audience will get fatigued.

The world doesn’t need another copy-cat Gary Vee (corny headlines included).

The question is, how do we follow the rules of the game, while breaking it?



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