The Social Media Adoption Curve Explained.

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If others are playing the game, you might as well insert your tokens too. This game requires tokens(consistency), for the possibilities of endless tickets.

Anybody can pretty much have some sort of “influence” by using social media… so why can’t you? Our experiences make us unique and we all have something to say. Whether it’s about life or your industry, the topics range only as far as you know.

The thing is… at a fundamental level, we’re all fully aware of these tools. That’s the paradox.

What’s behind the paradox is a lack of education and awareness of actually using such platforms. Unless you do some form of marketing for a living, you probably don’t know why or how to leverage specific platforms. In my experience as a social media intern, I had the privilege of seeing behind the curtain. I witnessed “regular” people, hustlers, dreamers, all leveraging social media to create their own opportunities. I started to see the world of social a little more clearly.

Jurgen Appelo 15.5 Innovation Adoption Curve

It’s not your fault… timing is everything.

Don’t you find it funny how we grew up in the age of social media- yet we’re told to stay away from it? I know we talked bell curves or for the purposes of sounding smarter, an innovation adoption curve in the last article, but I really need you to see the bigger picture here. To bundle up the facts, our generation(gen z) dances across five different social channels a day. Our generation sleeps with phones under our pillows and what’s even more bizarre, 1/3 of us would be okay not showering for three days than go a week without our phones. The point is, our phones act as an extension of us. Social media, on the other hand, plays a deeper integrated role.

Back to the bell curve. Our generation witnessed the right side of the curve in terms of digital advertising. The oldest of us(24), lived through random irrelevant ads. Ads that paid no special attention to who we were as consumers and simply just sat there praying for us to buy. Now, a new curve appeared in the past few years-optimal ad relevancy. We can thank most of facebook for this one. Advertisements are highly targetted and more relevant than ever.

What’s next for the younger side of our generation? If they didn’t live through the random ads phase… does that automatically switch their definition of “annoying” digital ads? Their foundation is completely different from ours.

Your beliefs and standards are shaped depending on which side of the curve you live in. Whatever is normal to you, others find innovative.

Copy and paste context here.

Let’s take the same lessons learned in the last example and apply it to the question we’re asking. Why should a person that has no pressure to be on social, attempt to build a presence anyway?

Picture this. You’re a recruiter. You have two grad students(Jake and Ally) eager to make a dent in the universe. Both have similar GPAs and possess the skills necessary to do good things for the company. Since your job entitles “recruiter,” you log in to LinkedIn to find out more about your candidates. Jake’s LinkedIn is nothing too eye-popping. His resume sits in his bio along with a brief description of himself- nothing you already knew from the first meeting. Ally, on the other hand, appears to have more written in her bio, engages with content relevant to the industry, and even has her certifications pinned on her bio. You, being the recruiter now have a better understanding of your candidates. Being that Jake and Ally both fit the bill, who do you think positioned themselves with a higher chance of getting the job?

If you think that’s a totally unrealistic situation, I will end this now. Have you ever landed on a person’s Instagram profile, saw a blue checkmark, or even has “K” as in ten thousand plus followers and immediately assumed they were “famous” or “influential”. That’s just social credits kids. It just comes naturally to us.


Accept the shift of the bell curve and look out for similar situations in your day-to-day. Don’t get caught in the past, humans are meant to evolve. Your social presence may not guarantee whatever it is you’re seeking, but it sure places you into a better position than having zero.

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