First Day Writing? Skip The Games, Authenticity Wins.

Oh, wait… I’ll be myself, and you should do the same.

Andrew Soria

If your an early-stage writer like me… is it okay for me to assume you’re going through the same constant flow of doubt that I’m going through? You know, like what I should write about?

Check out this two-week process that ultimately lead to 0 blogs written.

  • created my medium profile.

After I finished the intros, I started to think…

  • Which hot “niche” should I write about? Or, being a self-development marketing nerd, what “segment” in that particular niche can I write about?

My search for the magic elixir got worse…

“Oh look, this article about growing a following on medium looks interesting. Maybe I should read this first before I start actually writing my blog?”

Dozens of articles later…

Publications? How fascinating! I should read a couple of articles about joining one”.

Andrew Soria

It’s funny cause after all this research and constant emotional back and forth, no stories were being written.

To the newer writers out there, you might find yourself in this loop. If not, then congrats to you.

But for the rest of us… we’re kind of lost.

In fact, I was so obsessed with finding the perfect strategy, I searched for “creative areas to think”. I went to the beach to catch the sunset. As I watched the sun go down, my notes were still blank.

9 pm hit and my mind was left wondering. I decided to pack my bags.

On my drive home, a little thing sparked in my head. Call me crazy, but I had a revelation on my way home listening to the controversial man of the hour himself, Kanye West…

“I refuse to follow those rules that society has set up in a way they can control people; with improper information, branding, marketing. I refuse to follow those rules; it’s about truth, information, and awesomeness”.

Thanks to Kanye, I found what I(we) was looking for. All these people we set out to be, our heroes, our mentors, whatever the case may be, they’ve done so in a way only THEY can. They accomplished their goals, no matter how crazy, by mixing their personality with art.

So why should we try to fit into a person’s shoes whom we’ll never fill in the first place? At the end of the day, it’s not really who we are.

Why should I write about topics no matter how “hot” they are when I don’t deserve to be writing about it all along.

Andrew Soria

So, how to START writing?

Be authentic.

Don’t know exactly what I mean? Take your mission, bundle it all together with what you know, your past experiences, and work from there. Why look into the future, scrapping for the answers, just to find out there’s nothing there?

Our message is different. Our experiences are different. Our journey is different. We’re different.

Yet we can all help each other by sharing our personal stories.

There is no magic elixir.

When you’re grinding day and night, just remember, you have no time to worry about the petty feelings of others. Put yourself out there and know you have someone like me, along with others, that will support your message.

My names Andrew.

A novice writer simply writing about us humans. I love connecting parallel events during our path to success. More specifically, all the mental stuff that goes through our head along the way. I also know a thing or two about self-development. Lastly, I love to reference greek mythology in my writings (and a little too much in my thoughts).

Welcome to my(our) blog.

Me. Before I realized I should be myself.

Unattached | Let’s dive deeper @ andrew.print

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